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May 1995 Advantec Co., Ltd. established
July 1995 Establishment office in Saijo city harbor of Ehime prefecture
August 1995 Where she to provide a temporary factory, established a new production unit
August 1996 Construction of a new company building and a factory
April 1997 Clean room and enhanced set manufacturing facilities
February 1999 Opened a Tokyo office (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
August 1999 Osaka sales office opened (Amagasaki city, Hyogo prefecture)
October 2001 Completion of the construction of the head office and second factory (clean room)
February 2003 Opened the Kyushu office (Fukuoka Prefecture Chikushino)
April 2004 Headquarters plant expansion completed
December 2004 Reorganized Tokyo office into Tokyo branch, relocate to Yokohama city
January 2005 Relocate Kyushu branch office to Fukuoka city
February 2005 Transfer Osaka sales office in Osaka Yodogawa
February 2005 It opened a Yamanashi Service Center (Nirasaki)
June 2005 Established a local subsidiary in China (Suzhou)
April 2007 Headquarters new building completed
August 2007 It opened the Nagano prototype center (Kamiina County)
November 2007 It renamed the Tokyo branch office to Yokohama Branch
December 2010 Established a local subsidiary in Singapore
April 2011 Renamed Yamanashi service center in Yamanashi office
May 2011 China new plant running
May 2011 Opening of the Tokyo office (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
June 2011 Established a subsidiary in South Korea
November 2011 Tohoku branch office (Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture) opened
May 2012 ISO14001: 2004 Ehime Head Office · Factory certification acquired
June 2012 Group the Taiwanese semiconductor-related companies
August 2012 ISO9001: 2008 certified local subsidiary in China
May 2013 It established a subsidiary in India
October 2013 Conversion of an American semiconductor wholesale company into a subsidiary
May 2014 Registration of the relocated Tokyo office as the Tokyo headquarters
October 2015 Local subsidiary established in Thailand
January 2016 ISO9001: 2008 Ehime Headquarters · Factory Vacuum Equipment Division certified
August 2016 Opened a branch office in Singapore as a subsidiary in the Philippines
December 2017 Nagasaki Factory starts operation (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture)
January 2018 Established subsidiary in Germany
January 2018 ISO9001: 2015 Ehime Headquarters / Factory, Yokohama Branch Office Vacuum Equipment Division Certified
May 2018 ISO14001: 2015 Ehime Head Office · Factory certification acquired
September 2021 Hiuchi factory started operation (Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture)

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