Business Summary

Electronic business

Test wafer business

We provide various test wafers for R & D applications related to semiconductor advanced processes. Regardless of domestic and overseas, we will utilize a wide range of networks and we will respond flexibly to products that meet the needs of our customers with high quality, small quantities and various kinds.


Superior Quality

We can supply products of consistent stability performance at the highest quality.

Competitive Pricing

We have to achieve low cost by the rich handling amount.

Quick Delivery
(Quick delivery)

The company realizes short delivery times based on extensive stock.

Secure Supply Chain
(Reliable supply chain)

We have built a strong relationship of trust with leading silicon manufacturers and domestic and overseas fabs.

Extensive product handling

Located in hundreds of a wide range of handling performance.

Advanced Processes
(State-of-the-art process)

We can also handle wafers which are difficult to obtain by utilizing cutting-edge processes owned by suppliers.

Flexible Response

Also your specific needs, we have to allow the correspondence by adjusting their own programs.

Honesty and reliability
(Integrity and honesty)

We respect the long-term business relationship with customers.

Product Information

About products,
Please feel free to contact us.