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Vacuum pipe

Vacuum technology is applied in a wide range of fields such as semiconductors, liquid crystal, electronic parts, energy and space development, and it is an indispensable technology especially in the cutting edge science and technology fields.

We support all standards from NW to ICF.
We will correspond to your desired size from Φ10mm to Φ1000 mm or more.

  • State of vacuum piping

  • State of vacuum piping

  • State of vacuum piping

Process gas pipe

In the precision equipment mainly for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, high cleanliness is required for the supply side process gas pipe whose quality depends on it.
At our company, by integrally manufacturing in a dedicated clean room, we will provide products with controlled particle, metal and ion.

  • State of process gas piping

  • State of process gas piping

  • State of process gas piping

Advantech's integrated pipe production

Our Features

  • 1. It is possible to manufacture consistently at our factory from processing to welding to surface treatment
  • 2. We offer in a high-quality, short delivery times and low prices.
  • 3. This cost can be down at the time of mass production by taking advantage of the overseas bases.
  • 4. In addition to pipe manufacturing, canning and assembling are also performed.
  • 5. We perform thorough quality control with 3 dimension measuring instruments.
  • Orders
  • Production control
  • Primary processing
  • Welding


  • Finish and surface treatment
  • Inspection
  • Shipping and delivery

Fiber laser welding

We realize welding which was impossible so far!

Continuous irradiation by continuous (CW) oscillation

dotted line

  • Weld beat is smooth
  • Weld beat width is narrow
  • Seamless welding
  • Weld beat
  • Weld beat
    The narrow width
  • seamless


  • 1. Low welding distortion
  • 2. Melting penetration
  • 3. Microfabrication possible
  • 4. High throughput / high reproducibility / general environment
  • 5. Allows welding of a wide range of materials

Fiber laser welding

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