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MicroProf® X NUMX

Although MicroProf® 100 is a small table top type measuring device, it adopts a multi sensor system that can mount 4 sensors. For that reason, not only the surface shape but also film thickness measurement etc. can be done with 1 units. In addition, it can also correspond to TTV measurement by upper and lower 2 sensors as options.

MicroProf 100

As a feature of MicroProf® 100

  • 1. Compact and simple design of table top adopted
  • 2. 3D Not only the surface shape measurement but also the film thickness measurement is possible (multi sensor system)
  • 3. Measurement at the nano level
  • 4. Optional for TTV measurement with up and down 2 sensors
  • 5. Motor driven XY stage mounted
  • Wafer shape due to film stress

    Due to membrane stress
    Wafer shape

  • Hole pattern shape

    Hole pattern shape

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