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Patterned wafer

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  • Line & Space, Contact Hole
  • I-Line, KrF, ArF, ArF immersion
  • CMP TEST (Cu, W, STI, ILD etc.) - 754, 854, 454Mask, etc., Various Novati Mask compatible types
  • Plasma Damage TEG

* Corresponds to the minimum line width of 32 nm and is available from mask production.

* Required meeting. Please contact us for more information.

Pattern Wafer Products

Cu CMP Evaluation wafers

size 300mm
Construction Anneal / Cu EP 7KA Fill / Cu seed 1K / TaN 250A / Etch 3K (100nm Trench) / TEOS 3K / Si

W CMP Evaluation wafers

size 300mm
Construction W 3K ~ 8K Fill / Ti: 150A / TiN: 150A Etch 3K ~ 8K / (130nm Via) PE-TEOS 2K / Si

STI CMP Evaluation wafers

size 300mm
Construction HDP 6K Fill / Si etch 3.5K (130nm Trench) SiN 2K / Pad Ox 100A / Si

TSV(Through Silicon Via) Wafer

size 300mm
Construction EP Cu 60um Fill / Cu seed 2um / TaN 600A
/ PE-TEOS 6K / Si Via etch 50um / Si

Deep Si Etch (50um) via Wafer

size 300mm
Construction Si Via etch 50um / Si

Double Patterning Wafer

size 300mm
Construction Etch (30nm Trench) 300A Poly Si +/- 5% 20A Sac Ox / S

* Specifications other than the above are also available. Please specify the specification of your choice.

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