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Seal material

Solvent resistance fluorine rubber "Wolf"

Characteristics For ordinary fluororubber, it can be used for solvents, chemicals, hydraulic oil etc. which can not be used because it dissolves or expands greatly
(Acetone, toluene · MEK · ammonia water, methanol, etc.)
When compared to perfluoro elastomers (Perflo), the company demonstrates excellent cost performance with a cost reduction in the range from 1/3 to 1/5.
Use Location was not available in a general fluorine rubber, such as where you are considering the cost down from Perfluoro

Various sealing material and rubber moldings

Item Including Kalrez PERFLUORO-metal, we will provide a seal materials and molded products of various materials
When compared to the existing Perflo, it is possible to offer a perfluoro product that is approximately 20% to 30% cheaper.


Item Various sealing materials, such as hyper-sheet gaskets and multilayer gaskets, are available.
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