AD coating characteristics

Characteristics of a general fluorine resin-coated

«Non-stick» Excellent releasability of deposit and dust, easy cleaning and maintenance operation.
«Chemical resistance» You have excellent durability against acid, alkali, solvent.
«Thermal resistance» It is possible to use in a wide temperature range up to 260 ℃.

Three characteristic features of an AD coat

Characteristics 1 The newly developed "low outgassing resin"
The adoption of high-purity fluororesin and development of a unique construction technique, which is available for the first time for a semiconductor process
Use became possible.
Characteristics 2 Excellent corrosion resistance and a pair of plasma resistance
In addition to halogen-based etching gas and cleaning gas, it is suitable for high-density plasma.
Durability has also been highly evaluated by many users.
Characteristics 3 Coatings that can be accommodated for tubes of various shapes
Capillary used in the semiconductor manufacturing device, flexible pipe as well, the tubing having various shapes
You can be coated.

Types of typical AD Court

樹脂 Heatproof temperature(℃) Features
AD-100 260 Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance
AD-200 150 Available in a wide range of applications
AD-300 150 Excellent workability

Strict quality management system to support the AD Court

For several years, the company has been highly trusted by numerous semiconductor manufacturing equipment makers for its commitment to quality in the production of vacuum parts.

Case to the typical process

Dry etching equipment

problem Coating point Effect
Exhaust line closes Entire exhaust piping Dust deposition is no longer no obstruction.
Wafer clamp and the wafer is not away Wafer contact part Releasing property of the wafer has improved.
Chamber corrosion Chamber internal parts No more than one year damage
Particle pollution also becomes small.

CVD apparatus

problem Coating point Effect
Blockage of the exhaust pipe by the TEOS-based deposits Entire exhaust piping Deposition of the deposited material is no longer no obstruction.
Piping corrodes owing to cleaning gases such as NF3 Entire exhaust piping Corrosion of the pipe is no longer.

Abatement equipment

problem Coating point Effect
A hole is made in the flexible tube with etching gas Flexible inner surface of the tube Corrosion of the flexible pipe is gone.
It is clogged with deposits inside of CVD for dust removal equipment Valves and piping Blockage problems caused by deposits has disappeared.