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item 規定
Scope of persons to share
  • We may jointly use customer's personal information with the following persons. ※ 1
  • Retail electricity company * 2
  • General transmission and distribution business operator * 3
  • Power region wide administrative promotion agency
Purpose of shared use
  1. . For the conclusion, change or termination of consignment supply contract or power generation adjustment supply supply contract (hereinafter referred to as "consignment supply agreement")
  2. For the abolition agency (* 4) of retail supply contracts (including contracts relating to remote island supply and final security supply) or electricity payment contracts (hereinafter referred to as "retail supply agreements")
  3. . For confirmation of information on supply (receiving) point
  4. Consumption of electricity quantity, maintenance / inspection / exchange of equipment, investigation of facilities such as at the time of a power failure · disaster etc. Other transport services etc. Conducting business of general transmission and distribution business operators
Information items to be shared
  1. Basic information: Name, address, telephone number and contract number for contracts such as retail supply
  2. Information on supply (receiving) point: Supply area of ​​general transmission and distribution business entity entering contract for supply of electricity supply etc, subject for remote island supply agreement subject, supply (receiving) point identification number, high contract information contract value, current upper limit value, connection transmission service Menu, Power Factor, Supply Method, Contract Contract Determination Method, Instrument Information, Retraction Column Number, Grid Connection Equipment Availability, Transfer Contract Change Date, Meter Read Date, Contract State, Decommissioning Measures Method
Administrator responsible for shared use
  1. Basic information: A retail electricity company that concludes a retail supply agreement
    (However, for basic information on consumers receiving remote island supply or final guaranteed supply, general transmission and distribution business operators)
  2. . Information on supply (receiving) point: General transmission and distribution business operator with supply (receiving) point as the supply area
  • 1 The Company shares customer's personal information only with the businesses within the scope necessary for the purpose of shared use and not necessarily between all retail electricity companies and general transmission and distribution business operators Do not share your personal information with us.
  • 2 小売電気事業者とは、 電気事業法(昭和39年7月11日法律第170号)第2条の5第1項に規定する登録拒否事由に該当せず、小売電気事業者として経済産業大臣の登録を受けた事業者(電気事業法等の一部を改正する法律(平成26年法律第72号)の附則により、小売電気事業者の登録を受けたとみなされた事業者を含みます。)をいいます(事業者の名称、所在地等につきましては、資源エネルギー庁のホ ー ム ペ ー ジPlease refer to).
  • 3 General transmission and distribution business operator is Hokkaido Electric Power Company, Tohoku Electric Power Company, Tokyo Electric Power Grid Co., Chubu Electric Power Company, Hokuriku Electric Power Company, Kansai Electric Power Company, Chugoku Electric Power Company, Shikoku Electric Power Company , Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Okinawa Electric Power Company, Limited.
  • 4 "Discontinuation of retail supply agreement" means that a business operator who has received an application for a new retail supply agreement from the customer acts on behalf of the customer and gives an existing business operator a retail supply agreement To apply for cancellation of the contract.

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